Download The Cult Radio A-Go-Go! Screen Saver

Click Here To Download The Screen Saver

How To Install:

Click on the download link above, and hit run to install the screen saver.
When the pop up window comes up, confirm the install by clicking Run again.
Follow the prompts in the set up / install window by clicking next repeatedly.
Click finish to complete the Cult Radio A-Go-Go! Screen Saver installation.
Upon completion of install, your computer's screen saver properties will pop up.
Make sure the screen saver drop down menu is set on the option "Cragglive".
Click Apply and Then OK to finish setting the CRAGG screen saver as you default.
When your computer is idle, your CRAGG Live screen saver will appear!

*Note: The install will put a CRAGG Live Screen Saver Demo on your Desktop so you can preview the saver. You can feel free to delete this off your desktop if you like. The Cult Radio screen saver will still work properly whenever your computer is idle long enough to activate the saver.

Special thanks to Tom Vertigo Mindwarp of Musique Macabre for creating this COOL CRAGG Screen Saver! To see a screen saver preview in your web browser click HERE!